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Ship Wreaked

Another story for you guys!

Waves crashed over each other, lightning bolted down. Suddenly, it hit the ship. The ship immediately caught on fire, flames devouring the ship alive. Kimbelry, Danielle, Andres, and Ashton dove into the ice–cold water. Shivering like crazy and colder than they had ever been before, they doggy-paddled across the raging water, barely able to keep their heads above water. Soon, their bodies gave up and they became limp as they floated off like a doll that had been torn apart.

Chapter #1 – The frightening clues of death
Exploring the other end of the island, Danielle’s heart suddenly came to a stop. There before her were two shiny, evil red eyes. A sound of something slithering on stone filled her ears. Her heart pounded, she sprinted across the sand, hair whipping through the air.
Ashton was wading through the ocean, deeper and deeper he went, staring into the water for fish. The largest fish he had ever seen suddenly caught his eye. It was a shark fin. This was not any old shark though; it was the king of sharks, with poison leaking through its treacherous teeth. His heart pounded like a drum; he could fell the adrenalin pumping through his bloodstream. He wanted to splash, he wanted to scream but his sense of safety pulled him back. He glided across the water as quickly as he could. Faster and faster his arms went up and down. He swam until his arms felt like rock, and then he kept swimming. He reached land where he sprinted to the one safe place, home.
Andres was hunting wild turkey when he almost passed out. A voucher was devouring meat like something that had not eaten for days, even weeks. Barely breathing, Andres backed away, creeping over the grass. As soon as the voucher was out of sight, he ran to camp where other two horrified faces met his.

Chapter 2- the Legend Fulfilled
Kimberly looked at them bewildered.
“What in the world is going on?” she asked.
Kimberly handed bowls of sweet smelling soup and a crisp breadstick to each of them.
“You know that legand about the monster trio? Well, it’s here.” Reported Andres.
Kimberly almost dropped her bowel and her mouth fell open. Her face became as pale as a sheet and you could have claimed she was a ghost.
“How are we going to destroy it?” asked Danielle.
“I found this. Maybe it will help.” Kimberly lifted up a tattered old scroll, the legend of the monster trio.
“When dinosaurs ruled the earth” Kimberly read out loud.
“Three three monsters came to birth. One on land one on sky and one on sea. In their presents everything must quickly flea. For these monsters seek life. Quickly you must get your children and your wife.”
“I don’t have a wife or children!” interrupted Andres.
“That’s not the point.” said Kimberly
“I think I might have figured it out.” Continued Kimberly. “They seek a life. One of us has to die and then we can kill the monster trio. I’ll die. You guys saw the monsters.”
Although Ashton, Andres, and Danielle wanted to protest, they knew it was the only way.
“This is how it will work. I’ll get the volcher’s Attention; one of you will get the volcher into the sea. When the shark comes, one of you will through it on the land. Then when the basilisk comes, one of you will throw it into the air or into the sea. Sound like a plan?”
They all nodded. Ashton punched the palm of his hand like a pitcher softening his glove.
“Prepare to die you monsters!” yelled Ashton and the plan began.
Chapter 3- Action
Kimberly crept into the forest were she prayed the Volcher lay. Suddenly, a swoosh of feathers came into Kimberly’s ears. She sprinted as fast as her legs could carry her. When she stopped at the bay, pain like she had never experienced shot through her and she fell, cold, pale, and lifeless. Before a heart could beat, the volcher was hurled into the water and sank, feathers spreading over the ocean floor.
“Na Na nu boo boo! You can’t kill me “chanted Ashton.
A fin slowly glided through the water when………. Splash!
Danielle hurled the shark onto land. Slowly the basilisk crept up and was about to strike when, Andres flung a mirror into the basilisks face. It died right there and then.
“Too ugly to look at Huh?”Bosted Andres and with that, he hurled it into the sky.
“See you in heaven!” called Andres and the war was over.
Chapter 4-The Last surprise
Ashton, Andres, and Danielle were strolling on the beach at the crack of dawn the next morning when something caught there eye. A figure seemed to come out of the sun. Andres squinted to try to make out the mysterious figure.
“That’s not Kimberly is it?” siloquesed Ashton.
Sure enough , Kimberly was gliding across the water.
“I thought you were dead!” cried Danielle and she ran over to hug her friend.
“This is surely going to end happily ever after” thought Danielle, and she was right. No trouble had ever come to them since that day.