Saturday, January 17

I'm so exited. My birthday is on Jan. 30 and I hope SOMETHING or ANYTHING special will happen. I will turn 10 years old,and my little sister Rachel who has turned 6 on Jan. 8 and I agreed that we would do what ever the other person wanted them to do on their birthday.I didn't have to do it on her birthday as much because we had our cousins over.It was so fun.When is your birthday? if it is today,
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :0 :D

Monday, January 12

Rocks part #3

The third type of rock is called:

Metamorphic Rock,
This type of rock happens when a Sedimentary and sometime s Igneous rock.An example is when an Igneous rock,granite,is turned into gneiss The rock is buried and put under preacher where other minerals are mixed into it and forms into a metamorphic rock.If it gets below the crust and melts, it will turn into magma or lava when it is on/above earth's surface. Than it Will turn into Igneous rock. The changing from rock to rock is called the rock cycle. From Igneous to Sedimentary to metamorphic and back to Igneous these all are rocks.

One of my favorite websites to go to is

Saturday, January 10

Rocks part #2

There are 3 types of rock, here is the 2nd one,

Sedimentary rock is formed when sediments are put under presher and get mushed together.
You can see it in canyons,mountains and a lot of other stuff.You can usually see the layers.

Rocks part #1

There are 3 types of rocks, and here is 1:

  • Igneous

These rocks are formed when magma or lava comes and cools on earths surface. If the lava erupts or wind blows at it it will probably have holes. A example would be pumice. Pumice has holes and can float on water because it ways less than the ?water pushing? Other Igneous rocks are smooth and are formed when the lava cools.Some of it like I think pahio-hio (pa- hio-io) looks like straw and is rock.

Bone activity

Do you want to know where your bones are? Try this,
  1. Get some sand and puy it on a body part
  2. Try to keep some there, some sand will be where your bones are.

Do this any time you want!!!!:) It's such a fun and cool activity. Try it.


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Tuesday, January 6


My older sister Lindsey is awesome. She shares a room with me and is always kind.
When I need to wake up for school, she makes sure that I am awake.
LINDSEY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

I'm lucky to have such a great sister you can check out her blog here.
Hope you can visit her's and my blog!!!!!

Thursday, January 1

Here are some of my favorite riddles:

What has 4 legs at dawn,
2 legs at day,and
3 legs at dusk?

A human

I have hands but can not touch or feel.
I have a face but can not see,hear,taste or smell.
Who am I ?

A clock

A man walked through the rain without any source of protection,
but not a speck of his hair got wet.

He was bald.

More movies

As you know I am a actor. This holiday me and my crew will videotape possible algae,a re-take of the basilisk, our very own Chanel with sports, comedy,drama, and cooking shows with added camershals, and the Tucson version of algae with a different monster and characters .I hope you can see them all on my blog. You can share these with all ages and they'll love them. Tell your Friends about this blog to share funny movies,stories,games,riddles and more.
I love to write stories, heres one of my favorites, you can share it with all ages.

Dobble Doggies______________________________________
Chapter 1: The Floating Bottle
“This is fun!” said Moppy and Floppy together. The twin dogs were water skiing in Green Bay, located in Hawaii. Double However, they both knew, deep inside their hearts, that this would be much more fun if their parents were by their sides. “Oh well,” thought Floppy, “At least we’re safe from the evil

Bannanoroti here.” Moppy was thinking, “I wish we could be safe with our family.”
“ Did you drop a water bottle floppy?” asked Moppy. “No but I see one in the water.” Floppy
Extended his arm and snatched the bottle.

Chapter 2: The Bottles Mysteries

“AHH!!!” screamed Floppy. “ What is it ?“ asked a terrified Moppy. “ Nothing. I just wanted to add some drama and excitement.” “ Well what’s in it “ asked Moppy. Floppy popped out the cork. POP! And took out a withered old piece of paper with mysteries markings. A treasure map! Squalled Moppy. “No way” explained Floppy. “ I think it’s a coupon for a buzzer or something.
“Just because I’ve read every book in the library and you have not doesn’t mean that you can be silly . The mark above the x-mark the spot looks like the crystal of power, I wonder . Oh ya! That symbol is the same. It is the crystal of power!” explained Moppy.

Chapter 3: A Terrifying Surprise
“ the crystal of power is a magic crystal with all the power anyone could ever want” Moppy read out loud. Although this info was very important Floppy wasn’t paying any attention. Instead he was packing up for any journey they would be able to take. “ But it is guarded by .” Moppy was cut off. because she saw a big banana that looked like the great Bannanoti a banana that got a lot of power by a lazar beam ,and no one knew how to destroy this banana. Even worse, he was French. “Good evnizgs tu yoz” said a cold French-like voice.” I would zike to let you know that I am going to take over the world and anyone who inter fears will pay the price, now hand over that treasure map kid. Oh no! Thought Moppy she knew what this meant. If he got the map then….
Whoosh! SLAM! Floppy had punched bannazati with all his might. Moppy was so mad at what bannazati would do that she joined in ,and punched Bannazati with all her might, well almost, she knew she’d need some for her plan.

Chapter 4: Life or death
Floppy grabbed Moppy who snatched up the luggage, and handed Floppy his stuff. Bannazati let out a scream of furry, and sent speeding jets of brightly colored light at Moppy. Moppy who kept on dogging the jets of light was forced to do a extraordinary ballet dance. Well, she had to or the jets of light would do horrible things to her.
After some time bannazati gave up and swept off into nothingness with a withered old piece of paper with mysterious markings.

Chapter 5: Starting the plan
“Come on” gasped Moppy “We’ll have to set up the tent a couple times so you need to get used to it
“Oh all right” sighed Floppy “ but can we get something to eat first I’m starving!”
Okay , okay , We’ll find something to eat. But first you’ll have to help me set up the tent. Now listen to my plan.
“Can we get started all ready?’ asked Floppy. Moppy and Floppy started setting up the tent quickly. It was a huge tent 12 by 15 feet blue tent. After wards they went inside the tent and Moppy took out some food from the luggage, and made some fruit salad, pine-orange-banana juice ,and sandwiches while Floppy got the treasure map out on the table. Moppy came into the dining room the lunch on the table , and while Floppy gobbled down food she told her plan. “We’ll have to wake up early in the morning to hike up the mountain, Bannazati copied the map while we were running for our life, so we’ll have to get a head start. Oh and we’ll have to do something about that mustache of his it makes him look really ugly and that’s where he gets all his powers. Well lets go to bed. The sooner we do the earlier we wake up.
They trotted into the small bedroom ,and quickly fell soundly asleep. It was the crack of dawn, and Moppy was franticly shaking Floppy to wake up. “ Wake up we have to get going. I have breakfast on the table , and right here. She was holding some cinnamon rolls ,so Floppy woke up to the delouses smell.
They eat break fast, and scampered out of the tent, snatched up their luggage and started up the mountain.

Chapter6: 4 on mountain
Hurry up kick stick must find dog . said the cruel voice of bannazati. Yes master Squeaked a small voice of a stick who was sprinting up the mountain and carrying some luggagemuch too heavy. Meanwhile Moppy and Floppy where struggling to climb the other side of the steep mountain. “ how long has it been yet “ asked Floppy “ We’ve only been climbing for 10 minutes.” Answered Moppy. Can we have lunch? “ “ We just had breakfast.

I will continue this story and start at chapter 7 in a few months mabey and possibley in