Wednesday, October 5

Ha! I did it!

Recently, some boys at my bus stop were pulling an "invisible rope" prank on passing cars. I told them that that is mean, and they didn't believe me. So then I decided to write an essay (5 paragraph style) to show them I know business. so Ha! I did it!

Imagine this: Two boys, one of which with a bad school troublemaker record, the other a skate border, both in a lunged position for holding a rope. One is on the left side of the street, the other on the right. A car drives up the road. Now, this driver is a sophisticated, kind person, and slows down cautiously to avoid hitting or damaging these rambuncious boys. The two boys are laughing at the car, laughing about the “invisible rope prank” they just pulled. These two, rebellious, mischievous, gossiping, prankful boys have no idea what they are doing. They are worsening the economy. One little act at a time, can make a big difference. This is for three reasons, jobs in the economy, money in the economy, and the prevention of a civilized, stable economy.

As I said before, one of the reasons is because the boys are worsening the economy by the jobs in the economy. You see, this kind of behavior affects how much time a person has to get to their destination. For example, about 40% of Americans are late for something at least ¼ times. Why? Mainly traffic, lost items, and kid trouble. This behavior of the boys is an act of traffic by which they are stalling the cars for a period of time. This can make them more late, frustrated, and even more confused that could result in firring, and mis-used directions. If you can’t make the connection, you may need to re-due 3rd grade. (Seriously! I asked 7 3rd graders October 4th, 2011 and they all made the correct connection!) Also, the jobs in the economy are worsened by this behavior because there is a current 20% of high School students are drop outs, and 85% of high School students are common prankers. You have a 95% that the drop outs are pranksters, and countless articles, websites, and general opinions/testimonies say that the 2nd most common reason for high school drop outs is prank-attitudes. The most common is teen relationships (I don’t want to get too inappropriate here...) High-School drops outs, in a survey at they say that high school drop outs get a majority of “$18,734” throughout adulthood. If they live to be about 40, they will get about $851.56 per year versus college graduated earning $2327.56 per year, in the same time range as before. That is a $1476 difference! If you do not think that is enough evidence, go to
Secondly, the prank of “Invisible rope” hurts our current economy because of the money in the economy. One reason is because of, as before, the high school drop out levels are incredibly high. In case you did not make the connection, the more money you make, the better job you have. As you can see, since the high school drop outs make less money than the college students, so the college students have a better job that does more good for the economy then the high school students.

Thirdly, this prank worsens the economy because it prevents a stable economy. This is because of the attitude of these boys. While they were laughing about the prank, the brain is sending positive electrons towards the long-term memory part of the brain in the cerebrum that enofrces that the mean behavior is good, and they should do it more often. If these boys are noticed, or talk (which i sure hope they are.....) that sence of fun will be spreaded and the new generation of college studentsd will be greatly diluted, and therefore prevent a stable economy.

As you can see, there are many reasons why we should not do this invisible rope prank. On October 5th, 2011, at 7:26am Mrs.Rafrez, one of the prank’s victoms expressed her opinion. She stated, “That was such a men thing. I thought they were playing chicken with the cars, and I didn’t want to run over them.” With this topping the investigation, I sure hope that these boys, and perhaps others influenced by this prank will never have to go through it again.