Tuesday, November 17


I would like to say I'm sorry about what I said about Justyn, I think I got just a little carried away with it, and I guess his journal was better than that letter to the tooth fairy, and it was really good. So, just a recap, I'm really sorry about what I said on the post Journals.

Friday, November 13


So, in my class, we do jornals.You write a story, and then people rate it. So, I did a jornal, and it was about when I got captured by pirates, ( It's a untrue story) and it was just as good as the storys on this blog and people gave it a 1.5 out of 3! Here's the rubric so you understand how i feel:
  1. not very good. confusing. below average
  2. average. okay, not the best
  3. good. makes sence. people would like to read it.

Do you understand how I feel people! I'm really pissed off. I think I got at least a 2- 2.5. and the person who won, their story is just as good as my letter to the tooth fairy on my blog! People gave them like a 2.5-3. his name is Justyn Zeider.

Please comment and show me how you feel.

Sunday, November 8

new stuff to check out

So, sometimes I go through you tube and find cool stuff and here are some things i found:
Charlie the unicorn 2
A very harry potter musical ( part 1 / 2 act _ )
Also there are cool things not on YouTube.
Such as,
http://www.cellsalive.com/ it's really good. It makes learning fun! But some of the puzzles are hard.
Also : YouTube , school house polka
Mos recently found: writingfix.com I f you go to left brain plots then there are some really creative things. The perfect website for great writers. Here's a link to it incase interested : www.writingfix.com