Tuesday, November 17


I would like to say I'm sorry about what I said about Justyn, I think I got just a little carried away with it, and I guess his journal was better than that letter to the tooth fairy, and it was really good. So, just a recap, I'm really sorry about what I said on the post Journals.

Friday, November 13


So, in my class, we do jornals.You write a story, and then people rate it. So, I did a jornal, and it was about when I got captured by pirates, ( It's a untrue story) and it was just as good as the storys on this blog and people gave it a 1.5 out of 3! Here's the rubric so you understand how i feel:
  1. not very good. confusing. below average
  2. average. okay, not the best
  3. good. makes sence. people would like to read it.

Do you understand how I feel people! I'm really pissed off. I think I got at least a 2- 2.5. and the person who won, their story is just as good as my letter to the tooth fairy on my blog! People gave them like a 2.5-3. his name is Justyn Zeider.

Please comment and show me how you feel.

Sunday, November 8

new stuff to check out

So, sometimes I go through you tube and find cool stuff and here are some things i found:
Charlie the unicorn 2
A very harry potter musical ( part 1 / 2 act _ )
Also there are cool things not on YouTube.
Such as,
http://www.cellsalive.com/ it's really good. It makes learning fun! But some of the puzzles are hard.
Also : YouTube , school house polka
Mos recently found: writingfix.com I f you go to left brain plots then there are some really creative things. The perfect website for great writers. Here's a link to it incase interested : www.writingfix.com

Sunday, September 27

I found some pictures of me when I was little! I was so adorable! My little sister gracie came and, when we were looking through one of the pictures said, Is this when kimmer had yellow hair? We ended up toppoling with laphtor, Gracie says things in the cutest and funniest ways!
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Wednesday, August 19

10 tips for school.

  1. always turn in your homework
  2. don't be shy
  3. only do what your going to do during the school year, gives the teacher a good view on you
  4. don't be shy
  5. try hard
  6. follow rules
  7. waire clothing that isn't wrinkly and dirty. Sets a bad impression
  8. be friends with everyone. Gives you good contacts and keeps you updated
  9. always raise your hand if possible
  10. don't be unsure. Be independent!

Wednesday, June 10

Suggestion for Kimmer

I suggested that Kimmer make this blog a story blog, where she shares all the stories she writes. If you agree with this, comment.
Thanks! :-)

hi this is Kimmer। Please comment . थैंक्स

Sunday, May 17

I have a new little sister! She's so cute!
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Ship Wreaked

Another story for you guys!

Waves crashed over each other, lightning bolted down. Suddenly, it hit the ship. The ship immediately caught on fire, flames devouring the ship alive. Kimbelry, Danielle, Andres, and Ashton dove into the ice–cold water. Shivering like crazy and colder than they had ever been before, they doggy-paddled across the raging water, barely able to keep their heads above water. Soon, their bodies gave up and they became limp as they floated off like a doll that had been torn apart.

Chapter #1 – The frightening clues of death
Exploring the other end of the island, Danielle’s heart suddenly came to a stop. There before her were two shiny, evil red eyes. A sound of something slithering on stone filled her ears. Her heart pounded, she sprinted across the sand, hair whipping through the air.
Ashton was wading through the ocean, deeper and deeper he went, staring into the water for fish. The largest fish he had ever seen suddenly caught his eye. It was a shark fin. This was not any old shark though; it was the king of sharks, with poison leaking through its treacherous teeth. His heart pounded like a drum; he could fell the adrenalin pumping through his bloodstream. He wanted to splash, he wanted to scream but his sense of safety pulled him back. He glided across the water as quickly as he could. Faster and faster his arms went up and down. He swam until his arms felt like rock, and then he kept swimming. He reached land where he sprinted to the one safe place, home.
Andres was hunting wild turkey when he almost passed out. A voucher was devouring meat like something that had not eaten for days, even weeks. Barely breathing, Andres backed away, creeping over the grass. As soon as the voucher was out of sight, he ran to camp where other two horrified faces met his.

Chapter 2- the Legend Fulfilled
Kimberly looked at them bewildered.
“What in the world is going on?” she asked.
Kimberly handed bowls of sweet smelling soup and a crisp breadstick to each of them.
“You know that legand about the monster trio? Well, it’s here.” Reported Andres.
Kimberly almost dropped her bowel and her mouth fell open. Her face became as pale as a sheet and you could have claimed she was a ghost.
“How are we going to destroy it?” asked Danielle.
“I found this. Maybe it will help.” Kimberly lifted up a tattered old scroll, the legend of the monster trio.
“When dinosaurs ruled the earth” Kimberly read out loud.
“Three three monsters came to birth. One on land one on sky and one on sea. In their presents everything must quickly flea. For these monsters seek life. Quickly you must get your children and your wife.”
“I don’t have a wife or children!” interrupted Andres.
“That’s not the point.” said Kimberly
“I think I might have figured it out.” Continued Kimberly. “They seek a life. One of us has to die and then we can kill the monster trio. I’ll die. You guys saw the monsters.”
Although Ashton, Andres, and Danielle wanted to protest, they knew it was the only way.
“This is how it will work. I’ll get the volcher’s Attention; one of you will get the volcher into the sea. When the shark comes, one of you will through it on the land. Then when the basilisk comes, one of you will throw it into the air or into the sea. Sound like a plan?”
They all nodded. Ashton punched the palm of his hand like a pitcher softening his glove.
“Prepare to die you monsters!” yelled Ashton and the plan began.
Chapter 3- Action
Kimberly crept into the forest were she prayed the Volcher lay. Suddenly, a swoosh of feathers came into Kimberly’s ears. She sprinted as fast as her legs could carry her. When she stopped at the bay, pain like she had never experienced shot through her and she fell, cold, pale, and lifeless. Before a heart could beat, the volcher was hurled into the water and sank, feathers spreading over the ocean floor.
“Na Na nu boo boo! You can’t kill me “chanted Ashton.
A fin slowly glided through the water when………. Splash!
Danielle hurled the shark onto land. Slowly the basilisk crept up and was about to strike when, Andres flung a mirror into the basilisks face. It died right there and then.
“Too ugly to look at Huh?”Bosted Andres and with that, he hurled it into the sky.
“See you in heaven!” called Andres and the war was over.
Chapter 4-The Last surprise
Ashton, Andres, and Danielle were strolling on the beach at the crack of dawn the next morning when something caught there eye. A figure seemed to come out of the sun. Andres squinted to try to make out the mysterious figure.
“That’s not Kimberly is it?” siloquesed Ashton.
Sure enough , Kimberly was gliding across the water.
“I thought you were dead!” cried Danielle and she ran over to hug her friend.
“This is surely going to end happily ever after” thought Danielle, and she was right. No trouble had ever come to them since that day.

Monday, March 9

Another story.

By Kimberly Madsen
Edited by: Lindsey Madsen

Can you imagine if your friends were all your family? And then something happened to your friends, something big, what would you do? In this book, Noel has only her friends to look after her, and then something strikes. How will she overcome it, or will she overcome it for now. For Noel, this is life and death. Let it be the same to you in this wonderful, detailed book, written for kids, by a kid.

Noel’s life was much different than before. This was because, as a child, she had been carried by the river that flowed near by. She had been taken in and raised by her some girls her age, namely, Brooke, Amy, and Nicole. Together, they made a house near the river and dedicated it home. The only thing Noel remembered about the river was the pain from her scratches and scrapes. Her leg was still scarred. But she remembered nothing of life before her friends.
Her friends had never been able to figure out where Noel came from, as there were too many villages up where the river flowed. They also knew the village was far away, judging from how scratched Noel was.
She claimed she saw smoke lifted off the mountain just like a fire smoking in the night. She had told her friends as well, but didn’t believe her, saying that she was seeing things because of spending too much time out running. They declared the adrenalin must have gotten to her brain.
But Nicole saw the smoke, too.
Noel often went on journeys to the village, and on her way, she would pass Nicole and the two would talk about recent gossip. But they could never talk about the smoking mountain, because if they were overheard by their friends, they would be teased until laughter was so loud, the mountain shook with them.
At the moment, Noel was sitting up in bed, watching the stars fade into the sky, like magic. “What lay beyond in the mountains that were so far away in the distance? Would she have to stay cooped up in a chicken pen much longer?” she thought to herself.
Then something strange happened, something that would change her life forever. A soft chanting voice echoed from the distance. It was a low, cruel chant, and judging by the intensity of the foot steps, whatever was making the noise was very large, much larger than anything Noel had ever hunted, and she had hunted bears and moose. It must be a huge, dangerous creature, and a murderous one, too.
She turned over quicker than he eye could see, heart pounding in her chest. She had to warn her friends. As she began crawling over to the beds of her friends, she realized that only Nicole was awake, her face as pale as a new moon.
At first, Noel expected her to collapse, judging by how pale and scared she looked. But she got out of bed and together, they shook their sisters awake. But something was wrong. Brooke did not wake, and when they turned her over, shock spread across their faces. A gigantic gash lay upon her back, as if her flesh had been cleanly cut with a knife. Blood flew out of her lower back and her whole body was cold and pale. There was still a pulse, and the blood was still, which was good news. But tears still batted at Noels eyes. She knew Brooke could not survive without help. Or she might not survive at all.
Was death on the scene? The answer was clear. But the question of “Could they all escape death with the help of each other?” still rang clear through Noel’s mind. Amy seemed to feel as if it were a joke and told off
You really need to get to know what’s going on around you. How can we help her?” inquired Noel. “The only plant that might help her is far away and is under monster’s property.” commented Nicole quietly. “Let’s go.” “Wait a minute. How do you know that?” asked Noel suspiciously. Amy cleared her throat. “ Have you guys not noticed that our friend is in a bad situation and here you are blabbering along about how you know what and our past. Yes I agree we have to go to find a curer , but shouldn’t we go now? Nicole went to over to the horses and brought them to camp. Noel hoisted Brooke onto Amy’s horse and mounted onto her noble horse. Do we have all our wepons packed? Asked Nicole faintly. No wepons are left on the camp so yes. Replied Noel.
They galloped off into the distance. The wind rippled through Noel’s hair. She loved this wonderful sensation of freedom. This would be her first chance to use her unike metal sword against someone who was at least her match , but the thing that was helping her get the horse to gallope on was that any of her actions could help her sister/friend. This would be life or death. They galloped on ward intil the sun decided to take a nap and Noel and her friends looked for a battle plan.

“ Nicole and I will go get revenge on these monsters. I’ll bet you they were the ones who did this terrible thing. I’ll go attack from the inside and Nicole will go from the out and kill any body who looks like a threat. You, Noel pointed to Amy will take Brooke and find a cure for her.”
“Noel, if we do this it will be death for us. Even if we –
Nicole was cut off by a large group of monsters heading their way.
“ I think I’ll go find a cure while you guys escape these (gulp) monsters.” Pointed out Amy and , in the blink of an eye , was hurrying toward her horse and racing away with Brooke to find a cure.
I really hate murder, but if it is for Brooke , I’ll do anything. Said Nicole in a shacky voice.
We’ll do what we must. With that Noel and Nicole galloped off.
There was nothing to fight except a little village. Noel was puzzled , but entered the ton with great caution followed by Nicole. Noel went to a lonely old –folk and asked if they had heard of a girl around age 18 that had been open-wounded and if they know of a cure. The old-folk answered in a quaky voice.
“ My dear girl, the only antidote I would know of only comes every 100 years to 1 person who most needs it. You my dear, are not in great need and I wasn’t here 100 years ago , so I do not know when or where the antidote will come. I am very sorry. I do know of a magician that might be of some help to you though, he lives on a dreary street near a hill, not too far away from hear. He would be of more assistance than I would. Be careful pretty, I’ve heard some terrible rumors flying around like multiplying mesquites.”
“Thank you for your help. I will be careful. Take care of your self.” Answered Noel
“I wonder what this magician will be like. I sure hope Brooke and Amy are doing Okay.”
When Noel had told what she had heard, Nicole looked exited.
“This will be just wonderful! Brooke will be better in no time!”
They headed up the street until they reached a medium-sized hill. Fog drifted in like a snake to its hole. As they headed up it, the frog got mistier and mistier. They headed into a house at the very top of the hill. Nobody was there. They looked around every were until pounding footsteps came closer and closer. Noel’s heart pounded faster than ever before. There before hem was a tall vampire surrounded by giants who were obviously half or more vampire. In 1 of the vampire’s hands was a 18 year old girl with a gash on her back and her face as pale as the moon and body as cold as ice just reaching above freezing.
“Let her go!” screamed Noel as Nicole fire raging inside her, waked the tall vampire across the face. Something went wrong though. Instead of the vampire falling to the floor in pain, it simpily cought Nicoles hand and brought it close to its mouth ready to bite.
“ No!” shreaked Noel as she grabbed an arrow and strung it. With a sighlent twang, the bow was realeased and cought the Vampire in the head, knocking it down and letting Brooke fall to the floor. It seemed to happen in slow motion. The other Vampires came forward as Amy came charging in , picked up Brooke and brought her to safty. Twangs went through the air. Camotion went every where as one by one Vampires fell to the ground. Finally, it was over. Noel stood there still with bow and arrow along with many minor scratches. She and Nicole went outside to find Amy crying over Brooke’s body. Slowly, all of them knlt down and cryed. A white flower appeared. Noel saw it first and dripped the dew into Brooke’s mouth. This was her hapoily ever after. This was the end and beggening

The water cycle

The water cycle dosen't have an end or a beggening. But what's easy to start with is "the 1st" part of the water cycle called Evaporation. evaporation is when heat is added to water to create water vapor.Then in condensation , the atmosohere gets colder , so cold is added to the water to make it normal water again. In preecipitation, the water gets too hevy to hold in the air , or gets too cold or something and comes down as rain , snow , sleet , or hail. Then it get evaporated again and does the whole thing over again!

Thursday, February 26

Have you put on your very own puppet show? All you do is get 1 of those like school lunch bags and decorate it. Then you can make up a fun scit to do with your puppet. hold it by the bottom part where you incert the food.


There are alot of diffrent kids of insects. I think in the amazon rainforest there are even some that are unamed. I really want to name one. There is a diffrence between insects and bugs.
Insects have 6 legs when they are fully grown or sooner. It's not like Hey I turned 5 I grew 4 legs. That would be wierd.Insects have 3 parts that I did not memorize and I do not know exactly what they are.You know ants? They are blind and just use their intenie for seeing/feeling. Incects always have intenies, but I don't know if their blind. They have an x-o-sceliton or a hard outer part just like a cirislis. A chrislis is a x-o-sceliton. Can you bielieve that?Incents also have 2 pairs of wings. I t would be really wierd if it only had 1 pair. I don't think is would lift its body.Incects are also cold-blooded or they relie on heat from the temiture out side for warmth. I think that's enough info.

My favorite web-site to go to to find many things out is http://www.saskschools.ca/~gregory/animals/intro1.html

Saturday, January 17

I'm so exited. My birthday is on Jan. 30 and I hope SOMETHING or ANYTHING special will happen. I will turn 10 years old,and my little sister Rachel who has turned 6 on Jan. 8 and I agreed that we would do what ever the other person wanted them to do on their birthday.I didn't have to do it on her birthday as much because we had our cousins over.It was so fun.When is your birthday? if it is today,
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :0 :D

Monday, January 12

Rocks part #3

The third type of rock is called:

Metamorphic Rock,
This type of rock happens when a Sedimentary and sometime s Igneous rock.An example is when an Igneous rock,granite,is turned into gneiss The rock is buried and put under preacher where other minerals are mixed into it and forms into a metamorphic rock.If it gets below the crust and melts, it will turn into magma or lava when it is on/above earth's surface. Than it Will turn into Igneous rock. The changing from rock to rock is called the rock cycle. From Igneous to Sedimentary to metamorphic and back to Igneous these all are rocks.

One of my favorite websites to go to is

Saturday, January 10

Rocks part #2

There are 3 types of rock, here is the 2nd one,

Sedimentary rock is formed when sediments are put under presher and get mushed together.
You can see it in canyons,mountains and a lot of other stuff.You can usually see the layers.

Rocks part #1

There are 3 types of rocks, and here is 1:

  • Igneous

These rocks are formed when magma or lava comes and cools on earths surface. If the lava erupts or wind blows at it it will probably have holes. A example would be pumice. Pumice has holes and can float on water because it ways less than the ?water pushing? Other Igneous rocks are smooth and are formed when the lava cools.Some of it like I think pahio-hio (pa- hio-io) looks like straw and is rock.

Bone activity

Do you want to know where your bones are? Try this,
  1. Get some sand and puy it on a body part
  2. Try to keep some there, some sand will be where your bones are.

Do this any time you want!!!!:) It's such a fun and cool activity. Try it.


Are you wondering , When i get on the computer, what web site will i go to?
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This website is written by a girl about 10 named Kimberly M. Are you wondering, Is this website any fun??? YES. This website has new riddles,jokes, and fun activities to do.If that's not enough, e-mail Kimberly at her e-mail kimmermadsen@gmail.com tell her anything about everything and she'll answer you TRULY. Also if you comment on all her posts or visit her blog the most or something special she'll Post anything appropriate on her blog just for YOU.

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This offer expires August 3rd 2010 . Batteries not included.

Tuesday, January 6


My older sister Lindsey is awesome. She shares a room with me and is always kind.
When I need to wake up for school, she makes sure that I am awake.
LINDSEY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

I'm lucky to have such a great sister you can check out her blog here.
Hope you can visit her's and my blog!!!!!

Thursday, January 1

Here are some of my favorite riddles:

What has 4 legs at dawn,
2 legs at day,and
3 legs at dusk?

A human

I have hands but can not touch or feel.
I have a face but can not see,hear,taste or smell.
Who am I ?

A clock

A man walked through the rain without any source of protection,
but not a speck of his hair got wet.

He was bald.

More movies

As you know I am a actor. This holiday me and my crew will videotape possible algae,a re-take of the basilisk, our very own Chanel with sports, comedy,drama, and cooking shows with added camershals, and the Tucson version of algae with a different monster and characters .I hope you can see them all on my blog. You can share these with all ages and they'll love them. Tell your Friends about this blog to share funny movies,stories,games,riddles and more.
I love to write stories, heres one of my favorites, you can share it with all ages.

Dobble Doggies______________________________________
Chapter 1: The Floating Bottle
“This is fun!” said Moppy and Floppy together. The twin dogs were water skiing in Green Bay, located in Hawaii. Double However, they both knew, deep inside their hearts, that this would be much more fun if their parents were by their sides. “Oh well,” thought Floppy, “At least we’re safe from the evil

Bannanoroti here.” Moppy was thinking, “I wish we could be safe with our family.”
“ Did you drop a water bottle floppy?” asked Moppy. “No but I see one in the water.” Floppy
Extended his arm and snatched the bottle.

Chapter 2: The Bottles Mysteries

“AHH!!!” screamed Floppy. “ What is it ?“ asked a terrified Moppy. “ Nothing. I just wanted to add some drama and excitement.” “ Well what’s in it “ asked Moppy. Floppy popped out the cork. POP! And took out a withered old piece of paper with mysteries markings. A treasure map! Squalled Moppy. “No way” explained Floppy. “ I think it’s a coupon for a buzzer or something.
“Just because I’ve read every book in the library and you have not doesn’t mean that you can be silly . The mark above the x-mark the spot looks like the crystal of power, I wonder . Oh ya! That symbol is the same. It is the crystal of power!” explained Moppy.

Chapter 3: A Terrifying Surprise
“ the crystal of power is a magic crystal with all the power anyone could ever want” Moppy read out loud. Although this info was very important Floppy wasn’t paying any attention. Instead he was packing up for any journey they would be able to take. “ But it is guarded by .” Moppy was cut off. because she saw a big banana that looked like the great Bannanoti a banana that got a lot of power by a lazar beam ,and no one knew how to destroy this banana. Even worse, he was French. “Good evnizgs tu yoz” said a cold French-like voice.” I would zike to let you know that I am going to take over the world and anyone who inter fears will pay the price, now hand over that treasure map kid. Oh no! Thought Moppy she knew what this meant. If he got the map then….
Whoosh! SLAM! Floppy had punched bannazati with all his might. Moppy was so mad at what bannazati would do that she joined in ,and punched Bannazati with all her might, well almost, she knew she’d need some for her plan.

Chapter 4: Life or death
Floppy grabbed Moppy who snatched up the luggage, and handed Floppy his stuff. Bannazati let out a scream of furry, and sent speeding jets of brightly colored light at Moppy. Moppy who kept on dogging the jets of light was forced to do a extraordinary ballet dance. Well, she had to or the jets of light would do horrible things to her.
After some time bannazati gave up and swept off into nothingness with a withered old piece of paper with mysterious markings.

Chapter 5: Starting the plan
“Come on” gasped Moppy “We’ll have to set up the tent a couple times so you need to get used to it
“Oh all right” sighed Floppy “ but can we get something to eat first I’m starving!”
Okay , okay , We’ll find something to eat. But first you’ll have to help me set up the tent. Now listen to my plan.
“Can we get started all ready?’ asked Floppy. Moppy and Floppy started setting up the tent quickly. It was a huge tent 12 by 15 feet blue tent. After wards they went inside the tent and Moppy took out some food from the luggage, and made some fruit salad, pine-orange-banana juice ,and sandwiches while Floppy got the treasure map out on the table. Moppy came into the dining room the lunch on the table , and while Floppy gobbled down food she told her plan. “We’ll have to wake up early in the morning to hike up the mountain, Bannazati copied the map while we were running for our life, so we’ll have to get a head start. Oh and we’ll have to do something about that mustache of his it makes him look really ugly and that’s where he gets all his powers. Well lets go to bed. The sooner we do the earlier we wake up.
They trotted into the small bedroom ,and quickly fell soundly asleep. It was the crack of dawn, and Moppy was franticly shaking Floppy to wake up. “ Wake up we have to get going. I have breakfast on the table , and right here. She was holding some cinnamon rolls ,so Floppy woke up to the delouses smell.
They eat break fast, and scampered out of the tent, snatched up their luggage and started up the mountain.

Chapter6: 4 on mountain
Hurry up kick stick must find dog . said the cruel voice of bannazati. Yes master Squeaked a small voice of a stick who was sprinting up the mountain and carrying some luggagemuch too heavy. Meanwhile Moppy and Floppy where struggling to climb the other side of the steep mountain. “ how long has it been yet “ asked Floppy “ We’ve only been climbing for 10 minutes.” Answered Moppy. Can we have lunch? “ “ We just had breakfast.

I will continue this story and start at chapter 7 in a few months mabey and possibley in