Tuesday, July 27

Check it out!

Here's something you Have to read about!
As you know, I love seeing the cool things on this computer. And I just struck gold! It is called www.sydneyfoote.com! It is part of a kids movement, it i a website by kids, and for everyone! It is just beginning to start thriving, but soon you will find posts, stories and games for a variety of ages! It is totally family fantastic, and as a new feature, there will soon be weather posts so you are always prepared. From simple, relaxing book reports to crazy arts and crafts, soon, it will have it ALL!
Plus, if you comment on a certain post, that I will later point out, you will earn a kimmer and ko prize. Sadly, it is not physical! It will be on one of your choice- my blog- or KSL!
So get on your smile and head over to sydney foote dot com!
( KSL is not fully completed in posting so it would be advised to check it every week or so.)

Saturday, July 17

Nauvoo trip

Recently, I have been traveling. My grandparents took my cousins and I on a church history tour. Here is the basic summery:
1st we went to Las Vegas to get on the airplane and flew over to Kansas city ( which is actually in MO!) Then we drove to Independence and checked into our hotel and settled ourselves The next day was Sunday and we went to a ward that was half from the islands. Then, we headed to have a walk and see some sights along with seeing a parade. On Monday we visited different churches and a temple from the church of Christ then did some more sights. Everyday we saw more and more sights and one day we went to Adam-Ondi-Ahman and a dedicated temple SIGHT-no temple built yet. Then we drove to Nauvoo and saw pagents every night, shopped for souvenirs and went from historic house to historic house.Then, after attending a HUGE ward on Sunday, we drove to the airport and flew back to Las Vagas at 8. we drove to my grandparents house and slept like sleeping beauties.

In order to let you in on our my details, during the trip, I kept a journal to record the events, so I will try to post when I can about each day, one post at a time.
Enjoy your summer while it lasts!

Friday, April 16

My new ultimate favorite poem

I was in class the other day, and we read and praticed a poem from the book: poems for two voices. And now, I have my new favorite poem: Whirligig bettles by Paul Fleischman. It is spectacular! (Especially the ending)

Wednesday, February 10


I am now taking/working on a new project. In my class, as you know, we have journals. Well, my journal notebook is all the way filled with stories, so from this day forward, I will try to type all those stories and post them. Then, for each one, it will be appreciated if you would leave ( on a comment) a score from 1- 10.

Saturday, January 30


I was out side a few weeks ago and Tucson was having some rainy weather the past days, and you'll never guess what happened.!? It hailed! And if you don't know where Tucson is , it's like living in a frying pan most the time. ( except the fall. I love the weather then!) So it haling is big news! Unfortunately, it has not snowed this year I think.

Guess what!

It's my birthday! And you'll never guess what happened on Jan. 30th too. Hitler gained power. Ya, I know mabye I shouldn't have picked this day to be born. But I still am thankfull to my mom for actually having me.