Thursday, February 26

Have you put on your very own puppet show? All you do is get 1 of those like school lunch bags and decorate it. Then you can make up a fun scit to do with your puppet. hold it by the bottom part where you incert the food.


There are alot of diffrent kids of insects. I think in the amazon rainforest there are even some that are unamed. I really want to name one. There is a diffrence between insects and bugs.
Insects have 6 legs when they are fully grown or sooner. It's not like Hey I turned 5 I grew 4 legs. That would be wierd.Insects have 3 parts that I did not memorize and I do not know exactly what they are.You know ants? They are blind and just use their intenie for seeing/feeling. Incects always have intenies, but I don't know if their blind. They have an x-o-sceliton or a hard outer part just like a cirislis. A chrislis is a x-o-sceliton. Can you bielieve that?Incents also have 2 pairs of wings. I t would be really wierd if it only had 1 pair. I don't think is would lift its body.Incects are also cold-blooded or they relie on heat from the temiture out side for warmth. I think that's enough info.

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