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Chapter 5

Chapter 5:
Lauren liked Emily, she really did. In truth, Lauren got along well with almost everyone as the head counselor in the Aphrodite cabin. After Andrew and Alex left, Lauren and Emily had started talking. Between the loss of blood, dehydration, malnourishment and overexertion, Lauren knew Emily was extremely worn and weakened, but she seemed to be coping with it quite well. At first, her voice had been nearly inaudible and raspy, and her movements small and insignificant. Courtesy of some nectar and ambrosia, Emily seemed to be doing much better.
        As the two of them began to chat about mundane things, their favorite seasons, places, colors, historic personages, Lauren was able to learn more and more about this remarkable girl. She was nearing her sixteenth birthday, which meant she wasn’t much younger than Lauren herself, who was not yet quite a year older. As Emily ate some of the food Lauren had brought from the Mess hall, Lauren told Emily about Camp Half-Blood- what she would learn, why she was here (seeing she was a demigod since she hadn’t burned up due to the nectar and ambrosia), who else she was likely to meet, where most of the major activities were held, when certain activities took place, useful information like that. Emily listened intently the whole, time, asking a few questions here and there. Somehow, Emily looked about ten times better already. No doubt the nectar and ambrosia were doing wonders, aided by the nourishment from the food and drink Lauren had got from the Mess Hall. At some point, Andrew walked into the room and sat on the other side of Emily’s bed, gradually joining into their conversation.
        A thought nagged at the back of Lauren’s head. There was something very familiar about her, although Lauren was sure she’d never seen this girl before in her life. Lauren had been practically raised in Camp Half-Blood since the age of four, and Emily had only just come to camp Half-Blood last night. Lauren pushed this thought to the back of her mind, and focused on getting to know Emily better.
        Andrew checked his watch and glanced up at Lauren. His grey eyes were as dazzling as ever as he made eye contact with her.

“You’d better get going. The rest will be wondering where their favorite head counselor is.” He prompted. Lauren smiled at the compliment, bade Emily good bye, and set off to her fellow Aphrodite cabin mates. She wondered whether or not they would ask questions, and if so, how much she should answer. Before she had passed the door, however, Andrew called after her,
“Hey Lauren? If the ask questions-”he paused for a moment, “could you just tell them, um, to wait until the campfire tonight?”
Lauren gave him a reassuring smile. “Of course.”
She strolled briskly down the hallway towards her awaiting cabin mates, leaving Emily with Andrew for company.
        She hadn’t gone very far before she passed by Alex. He smiled at her in greeting, and continued down the hallway in his business-like manner.

It was like riding some insane rollercoaster. For ages, Emily had been scraping by, as she had been forced to run away from one place to another, working in some sleeping and eating times when she wasn’t fighting for her life. As soon as it had seemed to have become a bit like a routine: sleeping, collecting any weapons available, scrounging for food anywhere in the area, and killing any following monster as she continued searching on for a safe place, something would disrupt the whole thing. The attacks got worse and worse, draining her nearly completely of any energy she had. The climax had occurred only yesterday, as the horrendous whatever-it-was had nearly killed her once and for all, slicing through her shoulder with its terrible claws like warm butter. She shuddered as she remembered the throbbing pain penetrating all through her body.
What happened after that had been a blur, partly because she had been losing consciousness due to her struggle with the monster. When she had woken up again, it was to find that she had been rescued by the boy, Andrew, who sat across from her now, and was currently under the care of him, Lauren (of whom Emily admired very much), Alexander (who was apparently, the medical expert here) and Chiron, someone she had not met yet, but who apparently ran Camp Half-Blood.
According to Lauren, this place was a safe-haven for the half-mortal offspring of the gods, the same who were in the myths from Ancient Greeks. Here, these children strengthened their unique talents to become future heroes in the modern world. Those born from the war god Ares focused on hand-to-hand combat, while those born of Hephaestus centered most of their time on innovating various devices. When Emily had asked Lauren (who was a child of Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty) which deity’s group she belonged in, Lauren had told her that that would be figured out in due time.
Despite how exhausted Emily was, the recently acquired information buzzed around Emily’s head, preventing her from some well-needed sleep. Now, Lauren had left, and she was left in the company of Lauren’s two best friends: Andrew the observer and Alex the doctor.
As of the present moment, Alex was giving her a medical test of his own invention, of which Emily found both impressive and a bit amusing. It wasn’t everyday you got a professional medical analysis from a teenager.
“Can you hear me clearly?” he questioned.
“You bet.” She replied.
Alex nodded and continued, “Can you tell me the last thing you remember before coming here?”
Emily thought for a moment, then replied, “I was running through the woods somewhere. There was a stream, and I remember everything seemed to be in slow motion. I remember seeing the shadow of my pursuer for a second, when there was a stroke of lightening, I think. I kept running, but my shoulder hurt so bad. I think I tripped on something before I completely blacked out.”
Andrew came over, crouching down next to Emily so that they were face to face. His grey eyes were full of concern, as he whispered, very gently, “Emily? I know the memory is painful, and I know this place is probably strange and possibly frightening to you, but you need to understand that we want to help you. And to do that, we need to know the full story. How have you survived this long? How did you get here? What did this to you?”
Alex glanced over at his best friend, a slightly alarmed look on his face. “Andrew? Can’t that wait? We don’t want to overwhelm her.”
Emily felt her face go red. She appreciated their concern, and knew she was forever in debt to them for saving her life, but the thing was that they were treating her like a little kid : incapable of most normal things, too small to do anything of importance or significance. This would be her only chance to make a decent first impression, and coming off as a weakling would not be an option, especially not in a camp full of heroes-in-training.
“Sure. Let’s see, first question: How have I survived this long?” This part seemed fairly obvious to Emily, but she decided to answer it anyway, “I’ve either escaped or killed every monster that’s attacked me. If not, I’d be dead.” Despite the taken aback looks from the two boys, Emily continued, mustering any confidence she could manage into her words. “Next question: How did I get here? I’ve been running away from monsters for a long time. Each day, I travel away from the monsters, gaining as much distance as possible. Sometimes, I’m able to loose them for a while, and I’ve been able to be in foster care homes numerous times, but none of them ever lasted that long, but that’s besides the point. I got here by running away from monsters, they chase me from the north, and I either run away due south or stand my ground if I think I have a chance. The monster that did this to me was a Griffin. I had already used most of my greatest assets to defeat the other monsters: the Cyclops, the dracaena, you know, those guys. I decided to go near the sea, so I went here to Long Island. I figured the griffin would be more nervous around water, and I’d be able to see where it was coming from- probably. It didn’t work out so well. I tried to stand up and fight, but it got me in the shoulder, and grabbed me once or twice, but I escaped from its claws, and fell a little farther than I would have liked. I ran towards the nearest forest, where I figured the griffin would have to come on foot to get me, so I couldn’t be taken by surprise, right?” She checked to make sure the two boys were still with her. She prayed her tone gave no insight to how painful the memory was. She had to force herself to relay just the facts, and not remember the pain, the hunger, the exhaustion….
“Anyway,” Emily continued, “I didn’t make it too far until the griffin caught up with me. I would stall it for a while, try to gain a little more distance, then it would catch up again, until I reached the forest. I got a good head start, and ran into the forest, trying to find a cave or rock formation to hide out, but everything seemed to be going in slow motion. I tripped on a rock and then everything went black. When I woke up again, it was to find myself here, with you guys.” She smiled. “Campers of Camp Half-Blood, a safe place for heroes like Lauren and you two, run by the well-known trainer of heroes, Chiron the centaur. And, if I have it right, I’ll be trained here too, because, like you all, I’ve been the target of ancient Greek monsters, which means I am a demigod: half mortal, half immortal god.”
“What you guys want to know is what Greek god or goddess’s group I belong to,” Emily guessed, “but I never had any parents, so you’ll have to try my strengths and determine it that way, or my immortal parent will send some sign, to,” Emily thought for a moment, trying to remember what Lauren had told her, “to claim me as their child.”
A wave of emotion washed over Emily. She had never known her parents, and had assumed them to either be dead, or in her deepest darkest nightmares, that they had disowned her, that she hadn’t met their expectations for a child, or never even wanted a child in the first place. Each option was painful: dead, or alive wanting nothing to do with her. To think that she might have a godly parent, one that would never die and able to see all she did, one that could be proud of her if she worked hard enough.
She didn’t blame her godly parent for ignoring her up to now. She hadn’t exactly been the perfect daughter so far, and probably the least of all the heroes here. The shouts of the campers reached her through the walls and windows- Emily figured there were probably loads of campers here. Even for an almighty Greek god or goddess, they probably had their hands full dealing with their realm of power and all those kids to pay attention to some insignificant daughter. That would change though. Emily was determined to do all she could to become as good as the other campers.
Her mind swirled with all these thought and emotions: hope that she had a parent, dejection thinking of the possibility that a parent might have disowned her, determination to make her godly parent proud, and understanding about the situation she was in. The two boys looked like she felt, a little overwhelmed, but thinking over the situation and what to do next. It was silent for a minute as the three of them sifted through the information about the situation they were in.
“Wow.” Alex muttered, “Well, that explains a lot. In this case, we just have to wait for the gashes to heal themselves, keep the bandages on, all that good stuff. In the meantime, you definitely need plenty of liquids to restore blood loss and food to restore body mass. How long did you say you’ve been doing this?” He didn’t wait for an answer, but instead continued, “You look like you haven’t had any food for months. Hopefully the nectar and ambrosia will help speed up the process, and you’ll be able to train regularly.” He stopped and studied the bandaged gash on her shoulder.
Andrew looked at his friend, “I know that expression. What’s going on?”
Alex sighed, ignoring Andrew’s comment, not taking his eyes off of the shoulder womb.
“Can you lift your arm?”
Emily began lifting her arm, but a sharp pain in her shoulder nearly made her cry out in pain. She fought back a scream, but her eyes watered in pain, and an involuntary tear streaked across her face. Emily forced her voice to remain as calm.
“I-I don’t think that’s a good idea.” she pleaded, her voice just above a whisper.
Alex nodded, his suspicions confirmed. “The clavicle is fractured, I think. Otherwise, the shoulder wouldn’t be swelling like that. I’ll do something to get the shoulder to stay in the right position so it can heal properly. I should talk to Chiron.”
With that, Alex exited the room, and began to walk down the hall towards where Chiron was located.
Andrew didn’t say much, but just studied her, which just made Emily uncomfortable.
“So, whose your godly parent?” she asked, trying to get him not to study her like some complicated puzzle.
He looked up, and answered in a level voice, “Parents, actually. Athena and Poseidon.”
Emily thought about it for a moment, confused. “But then you’d be a minor god yourself, and unless I have my mythology wrong, I’m pretty sure Athena and Poseidon are close to enemies, not lovers.”
Andrew smiled. The girl reminded him of his self, quick to put the pieces together and determined to get an answer.
“No, I’m not immortal. My mom was a daughter of Athena, and my dad a son of Poseidon. They were a special case, surviving long enough to raise a family. My dad’s in the navy and my mom is an architect. We have a house near the lake, a little ways east of the cabins, designed to look a bit like the Athena and Poseidon cabins, but with a few alterations for family life. I’m homeschooled so I can just stay in Camp Half-Blood.”
Emily studied him carefully. His tone made it clear, at least to her, that even if he wasn’t a minor god, the expectations were almost that high. No one else, or at least not many people, had this kind of godly heritage here.
        This poor kid, Emily thought. Unlike her, he had many people to please, set expectation to meet, and no one else, as far as Emily knew, to share this burden with.
        She tried to give him a reassuring smile, “That sounds cool. You get to know what it’s like to have two awesome powers instead of just one, like everyone else. You get to do your own thing, something never tried before, right? It’s like an adventure all your own, and only you know how much your capable of. So really, you get to set your own expectations: independent and one of a kind.”
        Andrew smiled at her gratefully. “Thanks. You want me to grab you some water? Alex said you’re supposed to drink lots of liquids.” He winked, and walked away, assuming the answer to be yes, without Emily saying a word.
        A minute later, he was back, holding a cup full of water, which he handed to her. She lifted her arm, but that was a big mistake. Pain shot through her body, sharp and excruciating, like she had been stabbed by a thousand needles. She tried to suppress a shriek of pain, but her body shuddered violently for a second, lifting her off the bed for a split second. A startled Andrew accidently spilled almost half water on her shoulder as it seemed to jump from the cup and onto the bandage where it began seeping within the bandage to the wound left by the griffin.
“Sorry! Here…” the rest of his sentence trailed away as his eyes widened in astonishment. “Whoa.”
Emily sighed with relief. The water was cool and soothing against her swollen gash and the pain was easing down, maybe even less so than before. She tried to reposition her head to look at whatever Andrew was staring at. She didn’t see anything significant at first, but then realized that the bandage was looser, as the puffy swollen shoulder had seemed to deflate.
Andrew looked at her in surprise.
“I know of only one other person who can do that…” his eyes flitted between Emily, her shoulder injury, and the cup of water.
        Emily was utterly confused and a little frustrated. Why had she never found out about this before? It would have been very useful information to have when being a constant target of some monster. How had she never figured this out?! After outwitting the Cyclopes a year or so ago, and outwitting various other monsters, Emily had thought she was smart. Yet if she hadn’t ever, in all her life, figured out that freaky little detail that water could heal her- she probably was just about the most ignorant demigod ever. Just great.
        Andrew’s expression had changed now to a look a curiosity, as he tore his eyes away from the bandaged shoulder to Emily’s frustrated expression and seemed to be able to understand the situation immediately.
        “You never knew, did you?” he asked, but her expression seemed to be answer enough. The two of them fell back into silence.
        Emily silently chided herself. There was no reason being frustrated at something she couldn’t change. She had survived the past, and that was that. Now, she had learned of a unique ability that had reduced the swelling of her shoulder almost back to normal. It could even be a clue as to who her godly parent was. This was a great thing, and there was no reason to be upset. Emily composed herself, and decided to make the best of this unique situation.
        “You said you only knew one other person who has this ability. Who?” Emily questioned.
        Andrew hesitated for a moment, and then reluctantly answered, “Perseus Jackson, son of Poseidon.” He looked up at her, waiting for a response.
“Lord of the seas. The same as your dad, right? That’s so weird. So, then I’d probably be his daughter right? Then your dad would be like, my half-brother, right? And so you’d be my half-nephew or something. Gee whiz, this family is pretty messed up.”
She smiled at Andrew, but it faded when she saw his expression. He didn’t seem quite- satisfied perhaps- with the information. He stared intently at the floor, and Emily could almost hear the gears in his head turning, thinking hard. His face seemed set in stone for the moment, frowning in concentration as his mind raced a thousand miles a minute.
“Hey, um, you okay there? I’m sorry- did I say something wrong?”
Stupid me! Emily thought, ‘this family is pretty messed up’?!, Wow, that was sure being considerate. I probably just made everything worse. She wished she could take back her monologue about the whole mythological family tree.
        Andrew broke away from his thoughts, and looked up at Emily with a determined expression.
        “I don’t think we have the whole thing, Emily.” The way he said her name, with such deliberate weight and emphasis, made Emily worry and utterly bewildered. What had Andrew figured out, or thought he had?
        “There are a few things I’d like to figure out first, before we jump to conclusions.”
        Andrew caught the confused expression on Emily’s face, and continued to give a hasty explanation,
        “That is definitely a power of Poseidon, I know, but that power could have been passed down to you directly from Poseidon himself, or by one of his offspring. My dad told me once of a great warrior, Frank Zang. He could change into any animal because he was descended from Poseidon, from hundreds of years back. His descendents would have it too, probably if he survived long enough to have kids.”
Emily considered this. It was definitely possible. She hadn’t known her parents, so why couldn’t one be a descendent of Poseidon, but how distantly? Maybe as the generations passed on, certain traits or abilities were carried on, and others weren’t. If that were true, then the more power over water she had, the smaller the gap of generations between her and Poseidon were.
        “So how are we going to figure these few things out, like you said?”
        “Well, we could see what other abilities you have, what control you have over water or other domains. Frank was a child of Mars as well as a descendent of Poseidon. There could be something similar going on with you. You don’t happen to have an important stick with you- do you?”
        Emily laughed. “Unfortunately, I don’t. I’m not a wizard, just a half-blood.”
        Andrew grinned. “Just checking.” He checked his watch and stood up.
“I should probably get back to training. I’m supposed to be in the Arena teaching sword fighting techniques. See you later.”

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Chapter 4

Chapter 4:
Andrew tried his best to meet the intent gaze Chiron was giving him from across the desk.
“So,” Chiron uttered, “Why don’t you tell me exactly what happened. From the beginning? Then perhaps we can better understand our situation.”
Andrew didn’t particularly want to tell the whole story. He knew he would probably be haunted for the rest of his life because of some of it, but he knew Chiron was always right. He was his teacher after all. Andrew sighed as he began to recount his story.
“Well,” he began, “I had the most terrible dreams last night. I saw an owl. It was soaring above, keeping an eye out for a serpent that was slithering across the ground. I’m not sure why, but the owl never attacked and never strayed from following the snake. Then I saw my parents,” Andrew took a deep breath, making sure to keep his composure, “they were trapped inside some six sided star thing, I’m not sure how it worked or what it was, or where they were exactly. They looked, frozen in time almost…” his voice trailed off.
“I know some dreams may be frightening, even disturbing at times, but it is best for you tell me all you know so we may be better prepared for the future.”
Andrew nodded, took a deep breath, and continued, “Then the dream changed, I was in a fire and there was a snake which was – talking to me. It kept saying something, but I couldn’t quite make it out. They were all hissing and then they changed into ghosts who all talked in these raspy, haunting voices…” Andrew shuddered and he could feel the hairs on the back of his head stand up at the recollection of the haunting dream. “I caught lines of the prophesy, about the two halves, you know…” Andrew couldn’t bring himself to recite the rest of the prophesy, not now. “And then I saw something chasing a girl, I think it was aunt piper, when she was young. There was a woman, with steaming nails and...” his voice faded once again, but he shook himself out of it, and forced his voice to cooperate. “Then I saw another girl being chased by a dragon, the same I saw with the woman before. She looked scared out of her mind, and really familiar for some reason. She was being chased by this dragon through the woods, and then everything went all dark and misty, like something was preventing me from seeing what happened. Then the mist cleared slowly and I saw a girl lying on the ground for a second, but the scene changed so quickly I couldn’t make out if it was the same one, or what. Then I was standing somewhere really dark when someone, or something,” he amended, “thrust a torch at me. I could only see this intense flame coming towards me, and then I woke up.” Andrew looked up at Chiron at this point, hoping he could just leave it at that, but Chiron nodded encouragingly for more. An exasperated sigh escaped Andrew, and he continued.
“So, I woke up and tried to clear my head or make sense of what I saw. It was too late to go back to bed, so I decided to go for a walk,” Andrew hesitated, glancing up at Chiron with a guilty expression, “through the woods, but I was following the stream,” he added hastily. “I saw a trail of blood and followed it to find a girl lying on the floor. She was bleeding bad, so I tried to stanch the bleeding the best I could before taking her back to camp to get help. I got Alex to come help stabilize her somewhat, and kept an eye on her,” he felt his cheeks burning a little and hastily added, “you know, just to make sure she was alright. Lauren came and she’s the one attending to her now. She told Alex and me to come see you, so that’s when you told Alex to go back to his cabin and…”
“My dear boy,” Chiron insisted, “I do not think you have told me everything. Is there not something else; another crucial piece of information?”
Like always, Chiron knew Andrew too well. Chiron never kept any information from Andrew, and Andrew knew it was only fair that he should share all with his teacher.
“It’s just, “ Andrew hesitated, fumbling for the right words, “She looks so... familiar. I know I’ve seen her face somewhere before, I just can’t quite pinpoint where exactly. “ He looked helplessly up at Chiron. “It’s just been so much happening in so little time. I mean, most demigods come here with satyrs, other demigods, and usually via the hills or Thalia's tree, not the forest  and almost never alone AND rarely this old. She looks to be fifteen or sixteen maybe.  I just can’t figure out...” Andrew’s gaze turned distant , staring at something no one could see. Chiron could almost hear the gears in his head spinning, trying to put the puzzle pieces together.
“Thank you my boy.” Chiron announced, “I suggest you go off to your activities for the day now.”
The way Chiron said this made it clear Andrew was dismissed. Obediently, Andrew snapped back to reality, got up and started towards the door, pausing for only a moment, then heading down the hallway to where the girl lay, attended by one of his best friends: Lauren.

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3:
            It felt like her eyelids has turned to steel. With effort, she forced them to open. She couldn’t afford to be caught off guard. Her memories swirled within her head like a tornado. They flashed before her eyes. She could see the ominous shadow chasing her, and almost feel its teeth digging into her shoulder. Her body remembered the pain so vividly it almost felt real- the teeth, the claws, the spikes, the fire, the metal. As the various injuries came back to her in vivid detail, she felt her legs, arms, chest, neck, and head twitch as they seemed to recall their injuries.
            The room was coming into focus now. The memories were dissolving back into the depths of her mind. She could hear the boy before she saw him.
“Hey! Alex! I think something’s happening!” he called frantically to someone Emily couldn’t see. He was tall and strong with dark black hair and a golden tan, like he’d been in the sun a lot. All around him, it was fairly white with splotches of color on the walls. White blankets on top of her, soft and comfortable. It looked like a nurse’s office in any normal school, but the posters on the wall had mythological creatures instead of cartoon figures. Her head started to spin from her bewilderment, threatening to pull her back into her unconsciousness she had just tried to escape. She had been rescued, obviously. Otherwise, she would have been lying on the forest floor. The question was, who brought her here, and where was ‘here’?
            Another boy bent over her, checking her pulse and examining her state. He had brown hair and sky blue eyes, which were now examining every inch of her. She felt like a specimen of some kind and didn’t really appreciate it.
“Okay. She’s conscious now, finally.” The boy signed with relief. He put two fingers on her wrist and checked for a pulse. “She’s still lost a lot of blood though, and it looks like she’s lost a lot of body mass too. I’ve got some nectar and ambrosia; if we are sure she’d a demigod. Mortals have gotten inside the camp before, you know, one way or another. In the meantime, I think I’ll grab some stuff at the mess hall.”
“Already done.” A silky smooth voice cooed. In the doorway stood a very pretty girl with straight, long, white-blonde hair a little past her shoulder. She had deep blue eyes and fair skin. In her hands she balanced a tray full of food and drinks, which she set down on a table next to the hospital bed, if it really was a hospital they were in. She smiled gently and asked in a soothing voice,
“Hey sweetheart. What’s your name?”
“Emily” Her voice was quiet and dry, having been unused for so long, and with little hydration.  The boy with the dark black hair looked like he’d been shocked. He was frozen in surprise for half a second, then slowly strolled over towards Emily, like he was in a trance. He stared at her with his grey eyes, mouth slightly a gape. The other two teens looked at him with odd expressions: concern? Surprise? Bewilderment?
“A-Andrew? What is it?” the girl asked, studying him intently.
Andrew returned her gaze and stated simply, “Nothing, Lauren. Why?”
Lauren looked at him in astonishment, and looked like she wanted to protest, but then stopped herself; resigning to the fact that if he didn’t want to talk about it, which was his decision.
Alex looked between the two of them, his sky blue eyes darting from one to the other like he was watching a ping pong match.
“Um… you guys want to just let me treat the patient for now, while you two, I don’t know, go update Chiron on what’s happening.” Alex tried, attempting to break the awkward silence. Lauren broke her stare away from Andrew to focus on Alex instead.
“That’s alright. I think I’ll stay with her for now, make sure she eats something and all. You are Andrew can go update Chiron, I’m sure Andrew,” she gazed pointedly at Andrew, “will have plenty to say.”
The two boys walked out of the room without another word.
Emily had been watching all this intently, gathering bits and pieces of information until her thoughts swirled around and around in her head. Lauren, Alex and Andrew had all treated her like she was beneath them, like she wasn’t capable of doing half the things they could. This, of course, was understandable. She herself knew that she was weak, having used up all her energy on saving herself from that dreadful monster. She probably would have died, if someone hadn’t found her, not that this had been the first time she’d come close to dying. She’d had that sort of thing happen a handful of times, sometimes from escaping a fire, or nearly falling to her death, you name it.
Lauren bent down towards Emily, smiling reassuringly at the poor girl.
“Welcome to Camp Half-Blood, Emily. You’re safe now.”
Emily felt a little more at peace. She gazed into the deep blue eyes examining her with concern.
“Thanks” Emily managed, trying to sit up. Her head spun from the loss of blood.
Lauren smiled and helped her to rest her back against the wall to which the top of the bed rested against. Emily couldn’t believe this small, mundane task was so hard, and energy consuming. She felt so helpless and weak. Pretty pathetic, she thought to herself, as she sat up in bed somewhere called Camp half-blood.

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Chapter 2

Andrew walked briskly towards the woods of Camp Half Blood, a safe haven for demigods (half mortal half immortal) like himself, where they were shelter from any unwanted weather, cruel monsters, and offered training for each demigod in order to turn each demigod into something like the great heroes of old, Heracles, Achilles, Perseus, Theseus, the list went on and on. Andrew couldn’t help thinking about his own parents, Annabeth and Percy Jackson. Both were Greek demigods, his mother was one of the greatest daughters of Athena, goddess of wisdom, war strategy and clever crafts, and his father was a son of one of the big three gods: Poseidon, god over the seas, father of horses, and creator of earthquakes. These two demigods were the some of the greatest of their time. Not only had they actually survived into adulthood, which was impressive for any demigod who fought the omnipresent threat of monsters wanting to kill them, Andrew’s parents had been heroes in the great Titan War, succeeded on many quests, followed through a great prophesy, and had worked with the gods themselves to win a glorious victory in the Giant War.
Andrew wished he could live up to his parents’ legacy some day. Everyone else sure seemed to think him capable of such. Chiron, his teacher in all things “hero”, always pushed him harder than many others, even extended favoritism at some points. During the capture the flag games all demigods participated in most Friday evenings, most people expected him to pull out a great victory for their team, assuming he had inherited all the heroic traits of his parents. It was almost crushing sometimes- living up to all these expectations. His parents had always offered comfort, his father would sometimes tell him of the times on their quests when they had felt similar. Andrew loved hearing these stories of his parent’s adventures. They showed him a real life example of enduring through an apparent fatal prophesy, like the one today.
“When the two halves become one whole
Through wisdom shall they prevent a magical goal
She who is three shall take they who gave birth
A second darkness shall engulf the earth
Save you prevail, and complete a circle round the turf.”
Andrew shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts. This was the reason he had come out here. A walk through the woods and some fresh air often helped him clear his mind of the tormenting nightmares.
Andrew was at the edge of the woods now; a stream trickling towards the lake was off to his side. He continued to make his way through the woods, following the side of the stream.  Lightning flashed in the distance, where dark clouds were culminating over the misty long island shore. Not a drop of rain landed on Andrew, not with the weather control system at Camp Half-Blood, but the lightening made his grey eyes seem to flash like a silver coin glinting in the sunlight.
Andrew mulled over his disturbing dreams, hands in his jacket pocket, slowly strolling through the forest alone. He could vividly remember the images, the threats, that voice.
Something bright scarlet caught his eye. Andrew looked over curiously. A trail of blood gleamed in the grey light of the early stormy morning on top of a moss covered rock. All the hairs on the back of Andrew’s neck stood straight up. He looked closer, his curiosity getting the better of himself. He examined the trail on the rock, then spotted a smear on a tree further down the way. Andrew stepped closer to find out more, when he saw something in the corner of his eye and seemed to turn to ice: frozen and pale as anything.
A girl, probably fifteen or sixteen, lay sprawled on the ground, wet scarlet blood trickling from a cut in her forehead, joining into the pool of blood pouring from a gash in her shoulder. Her blonde hair was dirty and tangled, spattered with specks of dirt, twigs, blood, and lay sprawled out around her, a complete mess. She was barely more than a skeleton, her emaciated limbs sprawled out. Something gold glinted in her hair. At first, Andrew hadn’t noticed it at first as it blended well with her hair color. He looked closer, and realized it was monster dust. All the pieces rushed together in Andrew’s head. This girl was most definitely a demigod. She had probably been on the run for a long time, being chased by one monster and another, until being severely wounded by one, which had lost more blood than she could afford. She had probably tried to run, and had entered the boundaries of Camp Half Blood and into the forest before collapsing from loss of blood. Andrew’s mind raced as it always did when confronted with any piece of information- a very helpful trait he had inherited from his godly grandmother, Athena, goddess of wisdom.
Andrew bent down next to the girl, and tried to remember what the Apollo campers had taught him about what to do in this kind of situation. His eyes darted around for something he could use to stem the flow of blood. After a few seconds of frantic search, he resigned to ripping off a strip of the bottom of his jeans, and then did his best to tie a tourniquet around her shoulder. Next, he moved on to the gash in her forehead. He ripped off the bottom of his other jean leg and circled it around her head, covering the gash and stanching the blood flow there as well. He just hoped he’d done this all correctly. He pushed back the thoughts nagging at his brain, reminding him of the consequences of first aid done wrong.
As he finished applying the tourniquets, he wondered about the demigod herself. How could a demigod survive for this long on their own? How had she found Camp Half-Blood? What had done this to her? How long had she been on the run? Questions pestered him, racing around his mind. He stepped back for a second to admire his handiwork, then chided himself for doing so. This girl could very well be a few minutes from dying. He needed someone who knew what they were doing. Perhaps an Apollo camper, or even better, Chiron. He had seen it all. Surely he would be able to help this girl, maybe even find the answers to Andrew’s questions.
Andrew scooped the girl up in his arms. She was surprisingly light, which wasn’t really much of a good thing. Careful to avoid brushing against any tree branches of rocks, Andrew raced back through the woods, back to the path given by the stream, then straight towards the cabins where, he prayed, someone would be awake and able to help this poor girl. A ways away, the sun peeked through the dense storm clouds, and white light danced across the storm churned waters on long island sound. No more thunder or lightening sounded. The air was silent except for the timid chirping of a few birds and the pounding of feet across the ground.

Chapter 1 : One stormy Night

Chapter 1: One stormy night
Lightning flashed from a distance off, momentarily lighting up a small cabin room where a boy lay, tossing and turning in a bunk bed. The grey blue covers were twisted and crumpled, and the boy’s dark black hair was untidy, some of it sticking to the pillow from static. He let out a muffled yell and sat bolt upright in bed, his face pale and his breathing rapid. His grey eyes lacked their normal humorous sparkle, one of the reasons he had gained such a positive reputation with the Aphrodite campers.
The boy, maybe sixteen or seventeen, pulled off the covers and stepped onto the cool wooden floor of his cabin. The moonlight pouring in from the windows made his skin appear white against the dark wooden floor. He paced around the cabin, pausing at a desk in the corner and picked up a framed photograph of a family of four.
A woman with curly blonde hair and dazzling grey eyes held a baby girl gently in her sun tanned arms. The little girl had bright happy sea green eyes and golden curls glinting in the light. She was enveloped in a cream colored blanket embroidered with sea blue writing spelling the letter ‘E. Next to the young mother was a man with dark black hair and kind sea green eyes. He was tall, lean and impressive looking, like a soldier, and held a little boy in his lap, maybe three years old, with the same black hair as his father and eyes a mire image of his mother’s on the left. They all looked so delighted to be with one another, everyone together and united.
The boy gazed down on the photo wistfully, his eyes resting longingly on the faces of his parents and little sister. He set the frame gently and turned to a door on his left, and pushed it open gently.
Inside was an exact replica of his own room, except for the furniture arrangement. Instead of a bunk bed, there lay a larger bed meant for two, placed in the middle of the room towards the back, while shelves of books surrounded most of the wall space available. These shelves were packed with books written in both English and Ancient Greek, including a fair few about architecture, history, and mathematics, as well as a few used high-school text books with the name ‘Andrew Jackson’ printed neatly in the top right hand corner. A window separated the shelves on the side of the room, with a desk underneath it, illuminated by the moonlight streaming from the window above. Photos were plastered all over the wall above the desk, making use of every inch of exposed wall.  Some showed Andrew and his parents, others were photos of his parents when they were younger. A photograph lay against the wall, framed with wood from an olive tree, with the initials A.C. + P.J. carved above, encircled with a heart, which were positioned directly centered above the photograph of a young man, with dark black hair nearly blocking his kind sea green eyes, with his strong arms around a young women in a beautiful white gown, which highlighted her slim athletic figure, and a string of grey pearls, the exact match of her eyes, hanging around her neck except one in the center which seemed to almost glow with milky white light. Her curly blonde hair was up in an elegant bun, and her make-up was perfect. Andrew gazed at the picture, and allowed a sad smile to spread across his face.  He turned his gaze to photograph of his mother and two other girls, all arm in arm. One of the other girls was much younger than his mother, a little younger than Andrew himself, a silvery bow strung over her shoulder and sky blue eyes which seemed even brighter when compared to her dark spiky black hair. Andrew’s mother stood in the middle, her grey eyes as dazzling as ever against her long curly blonde hair. Her arm was around another woman about her same age, with chocolate brown hair braided down one side and eyes that looked like a shattered prism, not exactly blue or green or brown or hazel, but instead sparkled with an indistinct color of their very own. Her skin was a dark tan color, and hair, as well as her makeup, were done with an expert hand, no doubt her own.
Andrew lay the photographs down again and looked around the empty room sadly. He checked the little digital clock nestled in a corner of the desk. It was 4:30 am. Andrew headed back out of the room, closing the door softly. He made his bed in a few minutes, smoothing out the ruffled blankets and then snatched a jacket from the bunk bed post, and headed out the door, into the grey misty morning. Lightning flashed from a distance away, illuminating the room in white light, and Andrew was gone, walking north towards the woods looming in the distance.
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